The single greatest advantage any company can achieve is organizational health. – Lencioni, 2012

I am part of RJCG, a consulting group of experts in psychology and therapy. We work with executive teams to help make them stronger, building trust and cohesion around shared values and goals. We coach middle managers to address and resolve tension, and optimize their ability to inspire and engage their teams.

— we improve leadership skills
— we help resolve interpersonal challenges
— we help build and sustain cohesive, high-performing teams

 What makes us different:

  • Unique Differentiated Leadership model, which promotes healthy leadership skills

  • Support for all levels of the organization

  • Special focus on supporting middle managers to lead and inspire their units/teams

  • Consultants who are experienced therapists

  • Ability to resolve employee conflict and restore trust and collaboration

  • Personalized service and tailored interventions rather than “drive-by” consultation


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